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Regulation must keep up with the needs of modernization. That’s a point new FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai came to RedState to make, particularly with respect to the Internet transformation going on in telecommunications. As the world “goes IP,” and puts everything on the Internet, regulators must adapt. Make sure to read it. Ajit Pai would have a particularly important role as a reformist regulator should Mitt Romney win.

Regulation today just doesn’t make much sense sometimes, a point Broadband for America makes. The point about ‘edge’ vs ‘core’ of the Internet is important. The firm that sits between you and Google is as important to you as Google. They’re all pieces of the puzzle.

Shots fired, shots fired: Yahoo to defy Do not Track for MS Internet Explorer. This is going to get nasty, folks. And you’d better believe stuff like this is going to be used to try to justify new and greater regulation. For Privacy and For The Children, of course.

Of course, the proper solution here is not to visit Yahoo if you don’t like it. But I guess that’s just too easy.

Microsoft already making excuses for why Windows is lagging on phones and tablets: “We’re slower because we have to work harder on cybersecurity“, in essence. Yeah, because everyone and his brother isn’t looking for holes in iOS and Android, guys. Try again. I’m all for competition, but this excuse is weak.

Long live freaking free speech, as Apple uses a judge’s own words to subvert a judicial order in the UK in PATENT WARS with Samsung. I can see it now. “We’re quoting you in implementing your own order. Come at me, bro.”

Kim Dotcom has been living it up bashing Obama and dancing around the issue after New Zealand decided to become a copyright infringement haven, but I told you: the fat man is relaunching his copyright infringement service Megaupload, only under a new name.

Library of Congress makes baffling decision against iPad jailbreaks, after having ruled for iPhone jailbreaks being perfectly legal, claiming the (DMCA) law is poorly worded, and makes it unclear whether the iPad should apply. Time to fix the law, but after Obama’s botching of patents, we can’t trust him to fix copyright. Time to elect President Romney, then fix copyrights.

Speaking of copyright, let’s close with some rent seekers trying to weaken copyright, claiming they have a right to pay what they want for streaming, not what the copyright holders want. Weak. I think I oppose Pandora on this. Let the market decide.

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