Tech at Night: Net Neutrality: The Return of the Revenge.

On January 23, 2013, in General, by Neil Stevens
Tech at Night

Quickly tonight, as I’m beat. Here’s more on the Netflix/Net Neutrality controversy, and how they’re making war on ISPs while regulations prevent ISPs from fighting back. A key point Fred Campbell makes: Net Neutrality does not protect and cannot even be invoked by consumers.

Just another reason we need to oppose Democrat plans to legislate Net Neutrality should the courts overturn it.

Yeah, their definitions of free and open are warped.

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Tech at Night: Susan Collins, Queen of Denial

On January 31, 2011, in General, by Neil Stevens
Tech at Night

Wow, my Tech at Night graphic is now out of date. I was already late to the iPhone 4 party because of the iPad and because I had waited for the legendary White iPhone 4. But now that I have an iPhone 4, having the 3GS in the graphic seems wrong somehow. Time for a new one if I get a good idea. Comments welcome.

Anyway, I want to be very clear about the Internet Kill Switch plan. The plan by Susan Collins and Joe Lieberman has now passed the Democrat-controlled Senate Committee claims to be a grand venture for “Cybersecurity,” but the plain fact is the plan as written is unworkable as a security venture, but only works as a tool to let the government control or even destroy the internet.

Yes, just like in Egypt.

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Tech at Night

Uh oh, we’re getting close to midnight on the east coast, and Tech at Night for Monday still isn’t out! Time to hurry…

We start this week with the shutdown of I’ve been assured this is a very disturbing thing that should concern me greatly, but I’m not so sure. Look: when your free service has become a nest of sites conspiring to distribute copyrighted works, you should expect things like this.

Do your homework. Don’t be the failed state on the Internet. Don’t host your site on services that act that way, either.

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