Tech at Night: Net Neutrality: The Return of the Revenge.

On January 23, 2013, in General, by Neil Stevens
Tech at Night

Quickly tonight, as I’m beat. Here’s more on the Netflix/Net Neutrality controversy, and how they’re making war on ISPs while regulations prevent ISPs from fighting back. A key point Fred Campbell makes: Net Neutrality does not protect and cannot even be invoked by consumers.

Just another reason we need to oppose Democrat plans to legislate Net Neutrality should the courts overturn it.

Yeah, their definitions of free and open are warped.

May I suggest to the Oversight committee that when considering government IT waste, look at how we spend 50 quadrillion dollars (plus or minus a few zeroes) on a bajillion (plus or minus an actual number) licenses of the same operating system. For as much money as we spend on Microsoft Windows, couldn’t we get an OS developed or augmented for our needs? Seriously.

I think it’s terribly unfortunate that House Republicans may work with Leaky Leahy, when he’s never up to any good. Especially in his cognitive dissonance of saying we shouldn’t have prosecuted Aaron Swartz strongly, even has Senate Democrats claim we need strong Cybersecurity legislation. Reconcile that.

Also, House Republicans need to understand that privacy legislation is pointless as long as society doesn’t actually care about privacy. Sure, people talk big about it, but they’re still on Google. They’re still on Instagram. They’re still on Facebook. Americans signals their actual preferences by their actions in the marketplace. This is Economics 101.

Also, I don’t have a link to it, but differences on House leadership aside, Steve Scalise had an address to the State of the Net Conference that is hitting a lot of right notes. He should be generally solid. I look for good things.

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