Tech at Night

Have you ever noticed that the Soros-funded left never refers to Sprint Nextel by the firm’s full name? They only talk about Sprint. You know why? If they say Sprint Nextel, it’ll remind everyone that when #3 Sprint and #4 Nextel merged, wireless competition, prices, and service all improved. If you remember that fact, they think you might make the “wrong” predictions about #2 AT&T and #4 T-Mobile merging, creating a better threat to Verizon, improving competition, service, and prices.

But the whole Sprint/George Soros Unholy Alliance is all about deception. Soros-funded groups like Public Knowledge know nothing else. So says Mike Wendy: “they do great damage to the integrity of the review process, which ultimately harms the American consumer.” And so says Seton Motley: “The “public interest” is best served by what the public is interested in. And the public – the consumers, the people – aren’t at all interested in what Free Press, Public Knowledge and Media Access Project have to offer.”

They’re both right on the money. Their interests are not those of the public. they want to socialize the mass media in America. They call it media reform. Remember “health care reform?” Yeah.

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Tech at Night

Next week the FCC meets to make a decision on Net Neutrality. So there’s plenty going on as all sides press the FCC to do one thing or another. Some are lobbying more competently than others, though. Doing well are the Senate Republicans who prepare to fight and the incoming House Committee leadership who are getting loud on Net Neutrality and the runaway FCC.

Doing not so well are the forces of regulation caught this week making bad mistakes. First is the fringe neo-Marxist group Free Press. The Free Press tech brain trust made a terrible technical mistake on its website by sending anti-Comcast letters when they promised to send pro-Internet Takeover letters. Second we have radicals Media Access Project and Public Knowledge lying about Amazon’s Net Neutrality position, making the firm out to be taking a hardline pro-Internet Takeover position when in fact the firm supports a modest compromise.

If the radicals can’t even run their own lobbying efforts correctly, why should we trust them to run the entire Internet?

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Free Press: Too radical even for Obama officials

On June 23, 2010, in General, by Neil Stevens

Some were skeptical when the idea was raised of a split between FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski and the Communist organization known as Free Press. We’re so used to the President being the furthest left holder of his office since the Carter years at the earliest, that we forget sometimes there are real unabashed hammer and sickle wavers out there.

Just look at what Robert McChesney wants. He co-founded Free Press and he wants nothing less than the gradual nationalization of the mass media in America. He calls it “media reform” and it’s as statist and wrong for America as “health care reform” turned out to be.

Genachowski sure isn’t going to forget how much the radical neo-Marxists hate his guts, though, not when Free Press buys a large add calling him a “$ellout” in a move reminiscent of MoveOn’s disgusting and libelous attack on General Petraeus.

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