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We’re still at war online, guys. The Chinese are scouting us and even criminal enterprise is under constant attack. And make no mistake DDoS attacks affect not just the target, but the networks surrounding the target, too, so even a criminal racket like Silk Road should have attacks on it stopped, for the health of American networks. And again, the anarchists SWATted a member of Congress, Mike Rogers, to fight for weaker security online.

Yet, The President and Democrats continue to obstruct CISPA, instead of getting the job done. This guy made illegal executive orders on the topic, but as soon as we take good, light-regulatory legislative action, he suddenly wants to slam on the brakes. Shameful.

We’ve been wondering just what kind of FCC Chairman the President was going to choose. It turns out we now know: He’s nominated another big-time bundler, just like he did last time. So yeah, Tom Wheeler may have industry experience and may not be unhinged, but we should expect him to be an activist as the President wants, and not an independent regulator.

Also, here we go again with that activism business, as Softbank and Dish Network want the President to pick winners and losers in the race to buy Sprint Nextel.

The Pirate Bay meanwhile is on the run still, losing its Swedish domain and moving to Sint Maarten. I don’t see how that’ll last long, as the island is half Dutch governed and half French governed. Seems to me a high profile flight from Europe is a great way to get the mostly-passive Dutch to do something on their side of the island.

I agree with Mike Wendy: the radicals say 6 choices makes a monopoly in the Internet broadband market. If that’s monopoly, I’ll take monopoly!

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