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So back on Saturday it came out that CISPA supporters were being threatened, and now today it comes out that Mike Rogers was “SWATted”. That is, the Anonymous-tied anarchists tried to kill him by lying to the police about him.

I said recently that the radicals opposed CISPA, and were lying about it by saying it was the new SOPA, because they didn’t want American networks to be more secure. Sounds like these criminal, radical gangs really do feel threatened. This is why we must pass a similar bill, and the Senate does the nation a disservice by not doing so.

Privacy arguments have gone way, way, way too far when we’re pretending government shouldn’t search the web. Seriously now? I’m definitely not in favor of wiretap mandates in general, as I think there’s a world of difference between letting government listen in, and having a mandate of insecurity, but that argument is just so technically ignorant.

I love it when Internet criminals get rolled up.

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