Tech at Night

I hope nobody’s surprised that the Obama administration is stonewalling Darrell Issa from Trans-Pacific Partnership oversight. Because the President would love to get a power grab out of this, I’m thinking.

In other House news, the Republican Study Committee is going Tech. Which is good; the less we have to rely on Democrats for good policy outcomes, the better. So I wish luck to Marsha Blackburn, Steve Scalise, and their staffs, in getting this Tech and Telecom Working Group together.

Alright guys, thanks to a thunderstorm that rushed through and was glitching my power. I had trouble getting this done tonight, so it’s quick hits time.

Turns out LightSquared may have other trouble: Philip Falcone accused of fraud.

Mike Lee isn’t alone in asking for government to target Google.

Dilbert takes on PATENT WARS.

Regulation should not be picking winners and losers, as FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell clearly seems to understand.

Verizon backs LOST, putting corporate interest above all, of course. We should take it for what it is and move on.

South Carolina cracks down on ‘free’ Internet paid for with tax dollars. Good on them.

Mass (and truly massive) Megaupload criminal Kim Dotcom won a case in New Zealand but hasn’t won the war to fight off criminal prosecution for his years of making big bucks off of copyright infringement and other bad activities online.

And finally to finish a late night, Dish Network exposes the truth of imbalanced regulations that it’d be nice to pass a law to fix. Not just a Retransmission Consent fix, but a whole video overhaul.

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