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Mary Bono Mack, pay attention: Here’s the model for any privacy ventures you should attempt: voluntary action by private individuals, educated by simple government actions. If you really must get government involved, teach the people to fish, so that they can protect their own privacy for a lifetime.

Because if we insist on regulating the Internet problems of the moment, not only do we expand a government that’s already to big, we risk looking pretty stupid, too. Ah, Prodigy. I never did get their modem to work.

CWA, the union that stands to benefit from the AT&T/T-Mobile deal by gaining jobs in an economy that trends non-union, is talking down the chances of the deal completing. Which doesn’t surprise me, because I’ve noticed the George Soros-funded trolling here at RedState to be down lately; I think y’all are getting cocky. It’s not over yet, though.

Because make no mistake: CWA freely sings from the George Soros/Free Press/Public Knowledge songbook, spouting the tired old media reform talking points, for the transparent reason that CWA wants to prevent mergers that – in the short run – cost the union jobs. Because in the long run, people don’t create jobs in non-Right to Work states as much as they do in RtW states. It’s simple math that leads to the long-term death of the union. Competition.

Is Martin O’Malley claiming that there is no actual federal law against online Poker? If not, then why would he care whether the feds get involved? Nonetheless I agree, and I think we need deregulation, not new regulation. Repeal the UIGEA, and just let the market go.

Remember that plan the FCC has going, Universal Service Fund Reform, that’s going to turn the USF into a grab bag of subsidies? And how every remotely related industry is rushing in with a hand out? Unsurprisingly, the old/current recipients of this money are complaining that they’re going to lose their free money from the government. Boo hoo.

Even as the Occupy Wall Street movement demands free money for nothing themselves, some people are lashing out against the culture of entitlement that exists online, specifically the culture of free downloads of copyrighted works. It really is an obnoxious attitude you see, people who insist they deserve to get things free because they simply don’t want to pay. I’m adamantly opposed to expanding government just to smack these punks in the mouth, as satisfying as it would be, but I’m understanding of the frustration here.

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