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It’s a lazy end of the week, it seems. Not much to cover, which is why I’m dipping down to chuckling at Sprint ending much-hyped unlimited data plans as its 3G network melts under the strain of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. I’ll say this: it should be all the harder for Sprint to claim they’re in dire competitive trouble now. Especially as, again, T-Mobile really is in trouble, unable to get the iPhone.

MetroPCS stands to benefit should the AT&T/T-Mobile deal go through, standing ready to buy assets from AT&T as part of the deal.

So let’s get government out of the way. Even rural areas see the benefit.

LightSquared, the would-be 4G competitor under fire for, among other things, hindering the FAA’s anti-“Climate Change” efforts, has denied Chuck Grassley’s request for its communications with the Obama administration. It’d be an easy way to help fight the claim that there’s some sort of bias in the administration for helping LightSquared, but the firm won’t do it. The claim is that the GPS industry, which is targeting LightSquared, will use quotes out of context.

Not sure if I buy that.

Want to create jobs? Repeal Net Neutrality. It’s on the Senate to do it!

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