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It seems like forever ago that Marsha Blackburn challenged Free Press to transparency in the group’s funding. Why should it take eight months to respond if Free Press has nothing to hide?

Keep the Web OPEN. It’s a simple statement, but it’s one I support. The difference between SOPA and OPEN has been made clear to many thanks to Darrell Issa’s leadership. It’s unclear with Christmas coming just when SOPA will be picked back up, but I’m hoping by then OPEN will continue to gain support as the proper alternative.

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Final notes on the California Senate race

On November 1, 2010, in General, by Neil Stevens
Carly Fiorina

I’ve obtained a few documents and one link which really tell us where we are in California right now. Per the polling, which has remarkably projected in California little or no TEA party/Republican/Independent/conservative backlash at all, I still see Carly having a one third shot to win this, and if we saw polling which actually demonstrated a partisan enthusiasm gap, that number would have been much higher.

Because seriously, who or what is supposed to be motivating Democrats in California this year? Moonbeam Brown, who failed last time around? Babs Boxer, who couldn’t even get the Chronicle’s endorsement? Or maybe the high unemployment is the ticket for them? Get real.

Marty Wilson, the Carly for California Campaign Manager, has made more key points about the race, in a memo to “Interested Parties” I got a hold of. Third parties do better in California than other states. They don’t do well, but they pull in a few points, and the major polls ignore them. He’s also pointed out that Proposition 19 (Cannabis legalization) was supposed to help Democrats, but it’s likely to fail now. He predicts that Fiorina beats Boxer by three.

I don’t even know what a California recount would be like, but we might see one if it’s closer than that.

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It’s not us who should be afraid about California

On September 20, 2010, in General, by Neil Stevens
Carly Fiorina

Last month there was a real shift in the California Senate polling. After the primary Babs Boxer was terribly underperforming her past elections, but she was at least ahead consistently. But starting in August, Carly Fiorina started taking leads.

Some say that the new PPP poll is reason to worry, but I don’t. PPP is a generally honest, reliable pollster in my experience, but that doesn’t mean every poll the firm puts out is right. I don’t think this one is predictive, and I also think Boxer has problems of her own to worry about in the coming weeks.

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It’s no wonder Madam Senator Barbara Boxer (Democrat-California) demands to be called Senator: She thinks it’s a pretty tough job. In fact, she thinks it’s as tough as being “a policeman or a fireman or a veteran.”

It gets better, too. She says “the pressure” that she and Maxine Waters feel creates the same bonding that the aforementioned police, fire, and military volunteers endure and experience. No seriously. They actually roll their eyes at the same opposition to their agenda, so it’s just like when, say, two vets drop to the ground when they hear incoming artillery.

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