Tech at Night: 30 months in prison for a DDoSer

On September 8, 2012, in General, by Neil Stevens
Tech at Night

Those nogoodniks online still need to beware, as Internet gangster Josh Schichtel, the creator (or operator, it’s hard to tell) of a 72,000 node botnet found out when he got socked with 30 months in prison and a $1,500 in fines.

And speaking of bad guys, Wikileaks, oh wait no, WCITLeaks. These are the good guys, trying to bring transparency to the ITU’s shadowy multinational negotiations of communications matters. And they’re looking to do more, going from pure leaking to adding policy and advocacy content.

Remember this survey the next time Google tells you it’s the poor widdle victim of the big meanie ISPs and needs Net Neutrality regulation.

This Amicus Curiae brief in comic form for the Apple/Amazon case is cute, but it seems to assume that Amazon has non-negligible marginal costs for individual electronic book sales. I’m not sure that’s reasonable.

Regular readers may know I’m not a big fan of outreach to radicals online or off, but I suppose having a few people in the party trying it, such as Darrell Issa with sites like Reddit, won’t hurt.

Dare we hope incentive auctions could be happening via FCC, thus getting spectrum allocated from inefficient, legacy television to critical, growing wireless Internet?

Maybe next year we’ll get to getting government use more efficient and free some of that up!

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