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Am I tired of expressing dissatisfaction with the Obama FCC and other government intrusions? Never!

Al Franken is setting up an unfalsifiable rationale for government action against Verizon and Comcast. Gotta love that, eh?

I’m sure he, the FCC, or both will try to overturn the courts who say bundling is not anticompetitive. I like bundling. It saves me money when I’m buying both things anyway. Then again, I like choices in the marketplace.

Why we want FCC subsidizing tablet makers though, I have no idea.

Chuck Grassley’s threat seems to be working at least, as FCC starts to break down on LightSquared transparency, a necessary step toward being able to confirm the President’s new appointees to the commission.

Sprint continues to try to drum up government action, and also continuing to strain the bounds of credulity. Sprint says there’s a 4G duopoly, conveniently forgetting the fact that Sprint was the first major entry into the 4G market. Sprint just chose the wrong technology (WiMAX, instead of the apparently-winning LTE), the latest in a series of bad business decisions.

PATENT WARS: Even as Apple considers changing its patent strategies against firms like Samsung deploying Android, it turns out Nokia may provoke a whole new patent war over SIM card technology.

I’ve long plead for Mary Bono Mack to ease up on privacy issues, fearing it would lead to bad government action. Fortunately she seems to see those risks as well, and other Republicans like Marsha Blackburn also see the dangers of “a massive expansion of government… that would put some limits on our individual liberties.” Yes, yes, yes, exactly. That’s why I say we need to get privacy issues back into the realm of common sense self precautions, not government dictates.

This will be the last Tech at Night from California. Also because of my move to Virginia next week, will be no posting Monday or Wednesday as I will be traveling across the country to my new home, so have fun until next week!

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