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Memorial Day weekend brought little news, so Tech at Night will be quick tonight. Enjoy.

It’s an argument we’ve all made, but it apparently still needs to be made: Market pressure is better than government at protecting people’s ability to get what they want. We can see this from the actual behavior of actual companies, and that’s just one reason that Net Neutrality and countless other power-grabby regulations are wrong.

The FCC is America’s greatest impediment to universal access to high-speed Internet. Get it out of the way.

Oh that evil Comcast, look at them joining the early adopter effort for IPv6. We don’t need it yet, but Comcast is going early. It’s a good thing we haven’t completely regulated out of existence the ability of an ISP to manage its network. IP neutrality, require IPv4? How long until FCC demands that?

Yes, it’s bad that the UN wants to regulate the Internet, but will the Obama administration admit it’s also wrong for them to do it?

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