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We missed Tech on Monday because of Memorial Day, but I was sick anyway so it wasn’t happening. Still getting over my cold though, so this tech is about 2 hours late.

Here’s your periodic reminder that kids and teenagers shouldn’t be online unsupervised. Adult sexual predators are actively hunting them to take advantage of them.

Keeping data Internet-accessible is inherently dangerous to your privacy. Internet security is spotty but still users don’t actually quit services that gather their data, as their outrage is always short lived. People want convenience and innovation so I reject calls for bigger government to try to use FTC to enforce a privacy few actually want.

Just another reason I don’t expect any form of NSA bill to pass. The longer this drags out the more people are going to move on from the latest privacy outrage, and go back to complacency.

Remember, even NSA lost data to Эдвард Сноуден. If NSA can’t keep its data secure, how do you expect Facebook to keep your data secure? Or Google?

So I’m not sure I agree with this Estonian approach to trying to protect privacy by trying outwit the whole world of attackers. I do like the idea of prosecuting as many hackers as we can, I do. I also think we need NSA to be a quiet but aggressive force against those who would do us harm online, especially looking at places like Russia, China, Iran, Syria, and North Korea. These are our opponents online, and NSA is our strongest defense against state-run and state-supported attacks on our country’s Internet resources. So I sure wish we could pass a bill like CISPA to allow government and private industry to cooperate better against these foreign threats.

That’s why Barack Obama and the Chamber of Commerce are both wrong on America giving up stewardship of the Internet through ICANN and IANA. If we walk away from this, the result won’t be an anarchist “multistakeholder” utopia. No, that power vacuum will be filled by countries hostile to our interests. Bank on it. Man is the Chamber right on anything these days?

Under American stewardship, ICANN is used to take domains from bad actors. What happens if we no longer check that power? What if Putin could take domains for those defending liberty, instead of us taking them from criminals?

Apparently it took this one Anonymous ringleader seconds to agree to cooperate with FBI once they caught him in an investigation of attacks on credit card companies. His help convicted at least four other guys, and I hope that makes future rings fear each other.

Video innovation continues. It’s time to deregulate and let it bloom. And a key thing we need to let this video boom happen is to get metered Internet use, not Net Neutrality by hook or by crook.

Copyright most definitely should apply to pre-1972 recordings I think.

Senate Republicans don’t think the Senate will act against Net Neutrality, which is funny since the Democrats claim to oppose Chairman Wheeler’s ‘Fast Lanes’ plan at the FCC. Just more evidence that the left-wing ‘opposition’ to Zombie Net Neutrality is just a smoke screen.

Bitcoin and crime watch: Bitcoin’s price rise was based on deception. Surprise!

What if patent trolls couldn’t profit from buying ink by the barrel? That’s the idea behind the latest anti-patent troll legislative rumblings.

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