Tech at Night

Instead of the transparent Obama administration we were promised, from the Obama FCC, what we have here is failure to communicate.

We need to continue to cut the FCC out of the loop, the old regulations are harmful when it comes to retransmission consent and the whole cable company/local broadcaster nexus. Clear it out, deregulate, restore the free market, and the public will benefit.

Under heavy regulation, technological progress was slow and done at a leisurely pace by heavily-regulated and -favored monopolies.

Don’t be evil watch: Google actually does put profits first, like every other business, and censors as much as it needs to in order to stay in business and provide value for shareholders. And yet the digital libertarians will keep sucking up to them as being above it all, and somehow better than the firms they hate. Morons.

Another call for cybersecurity compromise, as apparently the last one died out when McCain and co. explained why compromising with a very bad bill would be very bad. Ultimately again though, it’s up to the House to send a clear statement that the Lieberman-Collins bill, or any thing like it, cannot pass.

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