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WCITLeaks having some success, possibly, as WCIT itself starts talking about openness. When even pro-Internet-regulation folks oppose UN or ITU regulation of the Internet, it needs sunshine for public evaluation.

Mary Bono Mack’s response is the right one: oppose all government meddling, not just the UN or ITU.

Oh look, private industry solves a spectrum problem the FCC failed to solve between Sirius and AT&T. Hint, hint: let’s get FCC out of the way more often.

Chuck Schumer, oh you master of logic. Terrorists can use a technology, therefore ban it!. In this case, 3D maps from Google and Apple, as though they couldn’t just make their own using the same core technology anyway. Schumer’s hysterical shrieking only threatens ordinary folks from having a nifty service from a competitive market.

I guess he wants to compete with South Korea’s attacking online video games.

Another great example of government getting out of the way: allowing political donations by text is an FEC move that is letting industry get active and innovate.

If only government would get out of the way of spectrum markets, so that Chappaquiddick could have some competition between Comcast and wireless providers for affordable high-speed home Internet. Instead their hopes sink like Ted Kennedy’s car.

In fact, just imagine deregulation as a campaign issue in this Presidential season.

The only thing worse than an ROUS is an RUS, and Mark Warner of all people is on the case?.

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