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When I read the President’s Executive Order Accelerating Broadband Infrastructure Deployment, I’m reminded of the scene in Spaceballs when Dark Helmet tells the crew of Spaceball One “What are you preparing? You’re always preparing. Just go!”

For the Obama administration to spend a year preparing whether or not to address a list of reforms, instead of just doing them, suggests to me the administration simply isn’t serious about getting government out of the way.

Sure, IIA is cautiously optimistic, but I agree wit the point that getting out of the way on spectrum is the real key.

Spectrum and private innovation. Phones would never have shrunk like this if regulations had been growing.

However instead of a light touch, again the Obama administration is multiplying government. Privacy is being addressed by FCC, FTC, and now Commerce. But don’t worry. If there’s a second term he’ll issue an executive order creating a steering committee to investigate the possibility of forming a task force to unify the chain of command of privacy regulation in government, with a report due outlining the consensus of stakeholders around 2023.

German man gets 4 and a half years and the equivalent of $4.7 million in fines for mass copyright infringement. Sound excessive. It shouldn’t. he reportedly made around the equivalent of $8 million in advertising on the site. This was good-sized illegal enterprise.

Speaking of good-sized illegal enterprises, Anonymous/Lulzsec continues to get rolled up. Reportedly they thought if they declared a truce with the US government, after a series of attacks, they might avoid arrest for past crimes. High-larious.

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