Super Mario 3D Land

On December 17, 2011, in General, by Neil Stevens

Super Mario 3D Land for the 3DS was such a satisfying game. After having completed New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and gotten terribly, terribly disappointed by its frustrating physics and tedious level design, 3D Land was refreshing.

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Tech at Night

Remember when I seemed to write about Net Neutrality four times a week, which was really something when I was only posting three times? Well, the AT&T/T-Mobile deal is probably going to get that much discussion for now.

Of course there’s nothing new yet. Discussion is all there is until government actually starts acting. My job is to find the interesting discussion, I suppose. So let’s start with Douglas Holtz-Eakin at NRO, who makes very well the key thing we all must remember when it comes to the wireless market: size isn’t what matters. Competition matters. And as I’ve been saying from the start, taking the sick man in T-Mobile and combining him with the #2 firm only helps competition by putting pressure on the high-flying, LTE-deploying #1 Verizon.

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