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Missed Tech on Monday due to a very uncomfortable and annoying, but not particularly threatening health issue. So let’s catch up.

Spying and cybersecurity. Edward Snowden intended to defect all along. And he’s probably now in Russia after serving up anti-American propaganda bait in commmunist China.

Meanwhile, one Lulzsec anarchist is under tough parole terms, we find Bitcoin is increasingly tied to crime, and Wikileaks isn’t going to get off easy backing Assange, Snowden, and Manning. For good reason.

Radio is dying, and yet Pandora wants us to expand regulations that protect radio. IRFA would take us in exactly the wrong direction.

Should we sunset FISA? I say yes, for one reason: we should sunset everything that gets passed in DC.

The ITC is gunning for patent trolls. Once again, we can take action without new legislation, though I still think undoing the America Invents Act would be a good idea.

The Net Neutrality case marches on. Remember: FCC already lost at this once.

While Obama is making inconsistent noises on spectrum, TechFreedom is talking about what we really need in terms of government giving up spectrum for private use.

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