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The evidence mounts that we need to respond to Chinese attacks on American industry. But what do we do about it when we have few tools short of military attack? Hit them back in kind, I would think.

Of course, Seton Motley says Barack Obama is attacking our Internet access with his illegal, overreaching regulations. Remember: the courts have already pointed out his NLRB efforts have been flat out illegal, and the FCC’s Net Neutrality efforts have also been overturned once before.

And note that it was Comcast who won that lawsuit against the FCC that overturned the illegal Net Neut last time. No wonder the radicals are after them, calling for a Mussolini-esque ‘third way’ of a total regulatory-industrial complex.

Susan Crawford isn’t alone in this, either. Other Democrats also want to regulate the Internet, perhaps regulate it as much as Cable Television is regu… oh wait. They already hate Comcast so… what now? This is just making any excuse for socialist power grabs over private industry, no more.

In this era of intense wireless competition, nobody’s dominant in phones, guys.

Trademark laws are out of hand, Part LXXVII.

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