Tech at Night

Chuck Schumer is introducing the BRAINS Act and it’s not even about zombie preparedness. Come on, get on the ball guys. Well, it’s actually a bill about getting smart people into the US from other countries. However, rather than lock them down and distort the market with H1-Bs, we’ll give them a path to a green card. Sounds good to me. Though I also like Lamar Smith’s eliminating of the diversity lottery.

And the administration admits rule by decree is in the works for cybersecurity. Night and day. That’s the difference between Mitt Romney and Barry Obama, folks.

Looks like Obama overreach has won for now in the FCC political ad power grab. NAB may give up the suit since they can’t actually get this done until after the election, when it’s too late.

Just more proof is here that ARRA, aka the porkulus, didn’t work, here illustrated with the case of NTIA and Level 3.

Parents and people with employees know there’s nothing creepy or wrong with Apple giving iPad owners control over their own hardware, even if that hardware is to be used by others.

Remember when I said the American Invents Act was the darling of the American Bar Association, and would benefit them at the expense of the greater economy? Well guess what? patent litigation is at an all-time high. Barack Obama made the situation worse, not better. Just another mistake Lamar Smith made in working with Democrats. We need real patent reform.

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