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Rooting for injuries watch: Anonymous Australia takes on Anonymous Indonesia. And then Singapore is after their own Anonymous cell. The blackshirts will be rooted out wherever they are, around the world*.

Cognitive dissonance watch: Google paints themselves as the Hobbits against Sauron that the NSA is supposed to be, even as they try to simultaneously goad people onto Google+ via Youtube comments, and then broadcast Google+ information to Android users, opting you in by default. I’m sorry, but these hobbits aren’t being taken to Isengard. They’re ruling Isengard.

Heard from a big business/big government critic of Aereo: “They must not be allowed to exist.” That’s Democrat regulation for you: picking winners and losers, in the attempted formation of a Communist-style planned economy.

That’s also why we can’t let them start picking quotas for Internet speeds like some Soviet-era factory in Yakutsk.

You know FCC is terrible when even Senate Democrats like Mark Warner are smarter than they are on issues like Spectrum. Because I mean, while Tom Wheeler claims he’s pro-competition, Wendy Davis claims to be pro-life. So yeah.

Heh, Edward Snowden is being denied access to Germany, but Wikileaks is bailing on him anyway. The traitor is betrayed.

* Sacco and Vanzetti were guilty and deserved the death penalty they got.

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