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Slow month so far. Last Tech at Night was quick, and so will this one be a short trip through my browser windows.

The anti-SOPA coalition could return, because it’s the one weird time that the left wing also seems to have an anti-regulatory element to it. Legislators are right to fear it.

I like this: Darrell Issa investigating FTC and how its Google investigation leaked just so much to the public. Whose agenda was served there?

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Tech at Night

Why the Marketplace Fairness Act is looking inevitable: We’re up to about a third of all GOP governors backing it, and there’s a reasonable probability of a former GOP governor becoming President with an all Republican Congress.

Broadening the tax base without actually raising taxes. It’s the Holy Grail for a conservative governor. I expect it’ll get done in 2013.

Riddle me this: If the US government perpetrated Stuxnet and its successor, why do the attacks justify US government action domestically?

If we don’t fix the spectrum crunch, we won’t like the consequences. And that’s why we need government out of the way of the secondary spectrum market, starting with Verizon/Comcast.

Guess what: Internet bill of rights only if it’s like the original and is only a list of restrictions on the Congress.

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