Tech at Night: Weekend Update

On November 22, 2014, in General, by Neil Stevens
Tech at Night

I’m not going to say I’m tired of writing about Title II Reclassification, the scheme promoted by the extreme left to place the Internet under 1930s-era regulation, since the courts have slapped down twice previous Net Neutrality attempts.

But I’m running out of ways to say the power grab, now backed by the President, is a terrible idea that attempts to dig deeper down the hole we’re in of a failed big government regulatory scheme.

FCC should let the Congress handle it instead of messing around itself.

Fortunately intimidation tactics against Tom Wheeler have not yet worked, though it’s likely the Obama FCC will try something, as they’re already getting ready to get sued.

Speaking of which, the meddling FCC lost yet again in court.

Meanwhile, I suspect the Congress could have pretty easily passed an interstate compact letting sales tax states get together and collect tax across borders. Instead the big box retailers overreached, and pushed a bill that is probably not going to pass now because it tried to rope in unwilling states, and even states that don’t have sales tax at all, which awakened some fierce opposition from the likes of Ted Cruz. Now the House won’t pass it.

Proponents of the plan went into states like Virginia and conditioned tax hikes or tax cuts on passage of the bill. Now it won’t pass, thanks to the overreach, and now those doomsday bills will happen. Oops.

I think that many states have growing tax issues now, as the Internet has changed the structure of commerce in a way that actually will require tax hikes to address, if we don’t let the states get together on this. But they have to avoid an overreach next time. Make it a voluntary interstate compact.

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