Tech at Night: Now this is surveillance overreach

On November 25, 2014, in General, by Neil Stevens
Tech at Night

When you act on the Internet, the nature of the Internet Protocol means you broadcast your Internet Protocol address to any other site you connect with. However these days most people’s addresses are randomly assigned to people who share the same ISP.

The “conservatives” in the UK want to impose burdensome recordkeeping requirements so they can try to find out who controlled any given IP address at any given time.

What could go wrong? Plenty. Not only are you making a ridiculous amount of data be stored, you can’t even prove anything. What happens when people’s networks get broken into (or are open, in the case of public Wifi or networks that aren’t password protected, you know, for convenience)?

Remember this the next time they try for a power grab in America. You know, like Net Neutrality or Title II Reclassification. The more regulation, the more power.

It’s good to see spectrum auctions that work because they’re not being rigged to pick winners and losers.

Obama and his folks plan to rig auctions to make the local TV stations make less money. It’s like how Obama wants to make you pay more for Internet access, too.

Regulators are stamping their feet and throwing tantrums about new technology. First it’s drones, then it’s 3D printers, just watch.

The radicals on Internet regulation insist on silencing dissent. Neutrality for me, but not for thee.

Internet access is not magically better in Europe, sorry.

Comcast is already bound by Net Neutrality by consent decree. So it’s no wonder Comcast folks are donating to pro-Net Neut politicians like Al Franken.

On this night of riots in America, we see attacks on police in other countries, too.

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