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It’s Thanksgiving so I’m going to go quickly tonight. Happy Thanksgiving.

It is worth noting that the European Union is currently starting to get more aggressive about trying to regulate other countries, and businesses in other countries.

We all know Barack Obama won’t lift a finger, but we should be mindful for Congressional action, at the very least.

The Euros are already actively censoring the Internet, at least for firms in Europe, with their “right to be forgotten” which they now want to expand globally. Global Internet censorship.

And as if that’s not enough, they want to break up American companies like Google now and yup, it’s entirely up to the Republican-run House to stop it, since the Democrat leadership won’t do diddly to stand up for liberty.

The supporters for the sales tax bill are determined to get it passed. I sincerely hope next Congress they don’t overreach into states that don’t opt in. Also, protip: echoing Democrat attacks like ‘do-nothing’ isn’t the way to win over conservatives, folks.

Mass copyright infringement is already a felony. It’s a fair question, whether we need intermediate range penalties, instead of just low end or high end.

Did Netflix’s dishonesty ruin the case for Net Neutrality with the public?

This is why the Internet of Things is a terrible idea.

I hope it’s true that fugitive Kim Dotcom is broke.

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