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Funny how Bitcoin ATM installations get all that hype, but their later flops and removals get much less attention.

They’ve got to be so desperate for good news in the Bitcoin community. Imagine being one of those suckers who bought in at $1000 or even $800, only to get hit with the steady drumbeat of Bitcoin criminality and government attacks.

And don’t forget: Bitcoin mining is getting harder all the time. As time goes on, mining is going to get so hard that the pool will thin, making it easier for a well-off team to take over 51% of the network and hijack the whole thing. If that hasn’t already happened yet. Because if you had 51% of Bitcoin, wouldn’t you… hide some of your resources under an alias so as not to scare people off?

I was critical of the House’s STELA bill, saying it was too modest. Well, hearing the Democrats, I have to admit I was wrong. By passing a narrow STELA, we give ammunition to Senate Republicans in opposing Senate Democrats who may want to go the wrong direction. There are good reforms to make, along the lines of Steve Scalise-Jim DeMint Retransmission Consent reform, but I don’t trust Democrats to do it right. They never do, especially not Jay Rockefeller.

How anonymous are you really on Tor if the US Government really wants to know? Who knows? Heh.

It’s incredibly naive to pretend that the US giving up ICANN, a core part of Internet governance, amounts to privatizing the Internet. The void we leave behind will be filled by a transnational body with aspirations at being a world government. Bank on it.

Marsha Blackburn slams Obama on transparency. Most transparent administration ever, remember? Ha.

Even when the Obama FCC does something good, it’s too slow about it, as in the case of opening up spectrum.

We’re just lucky, when it comes to broadband Internet, that Google is finding ways around franchise monopolies that local governments set up to entrench cable and phone providers, because Google Fiber is an important component in competition, as the service expands across the country.

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