Tech at Night

So the Senate may yet pass a new patent law, so a bunch of companies that make money off of patents are rushing in to oppose it. Note that Republicans have a great idea: just implement tort reform if you want to go after abusers of the courts.

A nationwide gambling ban is a terrible idea simply because it runs counter to our federalist system. Federalism is a good idea always. Even if we oppose legalized gambling, that doesn’t justify ignoring the proper structure of government, and the checks and balances of having a separation of powers between the federal and state governments.

I still don’t now for sure why Democrats have gone all-in against broadcasters (except for my pet, unsubstantiated theory that they want to get broadcasters as precedent for getting ISPs later), but in true broken-clock form they’re now suddenly right about Retransmission Consent being a racket. Not often you see a Democrat agreeing with Jim DeMint.

Remember when Pandora was moaning that paying artists to use their music was so terribly expensive? Yeah, right.

Tor and Bitcoin apparently are now being used to sell guns in addition to commerce in human trafficking, child pornography, and drugs. Hoo boy. Now the Democrats are going to rush in against Tor and Bitcoin, aren’t they?

I understand why a Democrat would want to meddle in an anti-Communist operation, but what the heck is wrong with Jason Chaffetz that he wants to meddle with the so-called Cuban Twitter, ZunZuneo, that the US Government allegedly setup to help Cuban dissent to flourish? Used to be you could count on Republicans to support liberty against Communism, but I guess just as Rand Paul is too afraid to “tweak” Vlad Putin, so too is Jason Chaffetz quaking about displeasing Comrade Castro.


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