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Some fascinating Bitcoin developments: As I predicted, Mt. Gox just got trouble with its US dollar processor, Dwolla. Meanwhile it comes out that a cabal of developers has de facto control over the Bitcoin network and is devaluing very small wallets. The net effect of this is to reduce the money supply, deflating Bitcoin to benefit those with large holdings.

So even as Bitcoin is revealed to have its own central bankers, the new Megaupload is getting censored per New Zealand law, as Kim Dotcom weighs (heavily) in against Obama to attempt to distract from this censorship.

Turns out gigabit Internet isn’t popular. Remember that next time they try to tell you we need government regulations to magically improve domestic Internet speeds, or that wireless isn’t fast enough.

People don’t care as much about speed at this point as they care about price, as long as it’s fast enough to do what they want. That’s why Net Neutrality is stupid and harmful.

DOJ wants to pick which firms win and lose spectrum auctions. I guess lobbying works.

Mark Warner has it right on Aereo and the threats by broadcasters. Aereo works because of free over the air broadcasts. If the networks don’t want free over the air broadcasts to be used anymore, then it’s high time we made that spectrum available for other things.

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