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What would be a Monday without Democrats wanting to expand government by passing new laws and regulations? Some people aren’t careful with their things and/or their data, so Chuckie Schumer thinks there oughta be a law. I like CTIA’s response to that:

CTIA understands that when consumers have their mobile devices lost or stolen, it is an unfortunate situation as they often contain a lot of personal information. We urge Congress to not impose unnecessary regulations on the wireless industry that would cause unintended consequences.

To prevent your device from being lost or stolen, we recommend the following tips:

  1. Know and use the security features on your device (e.g. password locks).
  2. Use the personalization feature and put your name and a different phone number (and/or email address) so if someone finds your device, they can contact you to return it.
  3. Download an app that allows you to track and lock your wireless devices remotely.
  4. Keep a back-up of your contacts, calendar, etc somewhere else (e.g. computer).
  5. Never leave your device so that it can be easily picked up and don’t give your device to a person you don’t know.
  6. If you are a person who has a tendency to lose things, you may want to consider mobile device insurance. Make sure you know what the insurance plan does and does not cover.

You can’t legislate good sense.

Elections have consequences. We worked hard, we elected Republicans, House Republicans pressured the FCC, and the Fairness Doctrine is gone. Not just dormant, not lying in wait. It’s gone. The FCC has taken it off the books entirely. We win one big battle.

Again, “the cloud” is not a substitute for controlling your own servers and your own data. As some Dearborn civil rights activists found out in their fight against anti-Christian bias driven by Islamic immigration into the area. YouTube is pulling their videos.

Wikileaks, briber of betrayers, has been betrayed. One of their own turned on them and destroyed leaked data before it could be published. Ha ha! I hope they never learn, but I hope good people learn the value of backups!

Once in a while, far too infrequently for the bias to be accidental, but sometimes online systems end up attacking the left. Facebook spam protection is hitting anti-fracking activists. Again, let’s give them a hearty Ha ha!

The President is apparently clueless about his own administration and just how stifling of jobs and growth that his own policies are. Ridiculous.

I think it’s laughable that Democrats say BART only “may have gone too far” when the San Francisco area transit system shut down communications in its stations to try to take control of the people within. That’s what terrorists do, folks. What if there had been a terrorist attack, then everyone inside would have been stuck.

The Chinese are also trying to shut down select communications in America. And no, Chuck Schumer, the answer to that is not more regulations in America. The answer to that is getting your man in the White House to do his job and stand up for American interests abroad. For once in your life, man up, Mr. President, and hold the Chicoms accountable.

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