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I asked back in February of last year, which seems like forever ago, whether Google would end up remaining a left-wing outfit. As it turns out, they’re joining the Occupy radical left claiming the Obama administration’s new Net Neutrality plans don’t go far enough. These radicals are flipping out because they won’t be happy until we get single payer Internet. So whether the left shoots down Chairman Tom Wheeler’s vote on Net Neutrality 3.0 remains to be seen.

Will the Obama FCC dance to the tune set by the furthest left wing of the President’s party, in an election year where the electorate is going to be much further to the right than the one that re-elected the President?

Good news: this anti-NSA bill has advanced from committee, but it sounds like the path it’s taking to a final vote is diluting its support. I guess that declining interest is why Edward Snowden and the Glenns Greenwald have to gin up more hype in order to sell books. Selling out America in the purest sense: simply to make a buck.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: 3D printers are empowering tools, and this frightens big government folks. Watch them as they try to regulate it. Fight them.

I continue to disagree with Heritage on the Post Office. It is not a business and should not be run like one. Its customers, the people it answers to and cares about, should be the voters, not a few bulk mailers. Where interests conflict, the public at large should come first.

House Republicans are right to seek to protect American stewardship of the Internet. ICANN should remain under our influence, not Russian and Chinese influence. The non-governmental “multistakeholder model” is a libertarian fantasy that isn’t going to happen in the real world. Where we leave a void, our geopolitical opponents will move, just watch.

Well here’s a good idea: make government pay for spectrum the same way everyone else does. If spectrum were cats, government would be the worst episode of Hoarders ever.

See, I’m pro copyright: I support Marsha Blackburn on broadcasters having to pay to use what they broadcast. That’s copyright folks. Pandora complained that terrestrial radio got an unfair advantage. They’re right, so let’s close the terrestrial radio loophole around copyright.

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