Tech at Night

So, the FCC put out another report (the “706 report”) that just pushes an agenda rather than reporting the true facts about high speed Internet in America. Commissioners McDowell and Pai tell it like it is. We’ve also got Broadband for America telling the story. I’m not even worried about the details: the FCC is saying what they feel they must say to justify expanding government.

Behold as CREW, of the tolerant and liberty-minded left, pushes for censorship of Fox as political retribution.

DoJ continues to fight copyright infringement, this time involving Android software. Note: without SOPA this can still be done. Anti-SOPA on the right never was the radical, anarchist, anti-copyright position the leftys were taking on the matter, which is why they lie freely about bills like CISPA, which aren’t like SOPA but would harm copyright infringers.

The Defense Department continues to watch what servicemen say online. Ubergizmo is a site I read, but the commentary there sadly misses the mark, and I suspect their comments reflect a common view online. Troops abroad must be monitored and the rules must be formal. Lives are at stake.

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