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ACTA. The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement is Darrell Issa’s next project, as he’s not happy about the treaty. So, he’s put the treaty online for all to see.

I still don’t know of any specific reason to oppose the treaty. My understanding is that it basically brings the west in on the DMCA. There may be details I’ve missed though. The best argument against the treaty is a process argument: it’s a bad precedent to pass a treaty kept from the public the way ACTA has been.

In much more amusing news, Anonymous and affiliated online terror cells continue to get rolled up, in some cases with the help of members and leaders already caught.

They’re not anonymous. They have names. They’re not legion. They are limited in number. They’re not an unstoppable idea. They’re specific people who can be jailed. And we’re doing it.

That’s why I suppose a reasonable online security bill. Pass SECURE IT, not the dangerous Lieberman/Collins. Expand criminal penalties without actually having government do more and new things.

Even as FCC continues to stonewall Chuck Grassley on LightSquared, the firm is in ever worse trouble. Sprint may drop them next. Sounds like everything depended on a terrestrial LTE network for them.

And on the topic of spectrum, something to watch is the resurgent T-Mobile, looking to spend its AT&T money. When they lobby for Verizon’s spectrum deal to get blocked, they may have… motives.

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