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Ah, Claire McCaskill. Her not particularly active Twitter account said this week that she wants to be careful about regulation of privacy online, lest those regulations cause us all to have “less access to amazing stuff.” True statement I think. Too bad she refused to stick to her guns on the radical left’s key policy, Net Neutrality. On that issue, McCaskill told MyDD government regulation could cause “an open and free exchange of information” and that she would be “happy to wage” the fight to regulate.

Not sure how to reconcile these two positions except that when the radical left tugs on Claire McCaskill’s leash, she jumps, regardless of what’s good for America or for Missouri.

How good is the 4G LTE wireless technology that the public really needs AT&T to deploy? The technology that AT&T needs T-Mobile’s spectrum to roll out properly? testing already puts it 7 times faster than the current stuff and 4 times the theoretical cap of my current wired line. So good that Clearwire may switch from WiMAX to LTE. This is great technology. I want, as McCaskill pointed out when not under the thumb of radicals, “access to amazing stuff.” I want government out of this.

Government isn’t even all powerful. It can’t always achieve its intended aims. As I’ve pointed out before in this space, the UK is learning that lesson when it comes to so-called superinjunctions meant to protect the rich and famous from having their lives gossiped about in the press. The global Internet is ruining that plan. Sadly, California wants to learn that lesson next and drive innovation out of state or overseas.

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