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Looks like we have the same problem going on with patents we’ve had with so many other legislative issues over the years. There’s a kernel of a good idea (go after patent trolls), but then the lobbyists all pile on, and we get a monster of Comprehensive Patent Reform. Which works about as well as comprehensive immigration reform or omnibus budgeting.

ACU’s against it, economists are coming out against it, and so is Carly Fiorina.

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Final notes on the California Senate race

On November 1, 2010, in General, by Neil Stevens
Carly Fiorina

I’ve obtained a few documents and one link which really tell us where we are in California right now. Per the polling, which has remarkably projected in California little or no TEA party/Republican/Independent/conservative backlash at all, I still see Carly having a one third shot to win this, and if we saw polling which actually demonstrated a partisan enthusiasm gap, that number would have been much higher.

Because seriously, who or what is supposed to be motivating Democrats in California this year? Moonbeam Brown, who failed last time around? Babs Boxer, who couldn’t even get the Chronicle’s endorsement? Or maybe the high unemployment is the ticket for them? Get real.

Marty Wilson, the Carly for California Campaign Manager, has made more key points about the race, in a memo to “Interested Parties” I got a hold of. Third parties do better in California than other states. They don’t do well, but they pull in a few points, and the major polls ignore them. He’s also pointed out that Proposition 19 (Cannabis legalization) was supposed to help Democrats, but it’s likely to fail now. He predicts that Fiorina beats Boxer by three.

I don’t even know what a California recount would be like, but we might see one if it’s closer than that.

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Boxer getting the benefit of press bias in her favor

On October 29, 2010, in General, by Neil Stevens

Imagine if Sarah Palin promised reporters she’d take questions, then ran out from the event through the side door to avoid the questioning? Now imagine if Sharron Angle or Christine O’Donnell did it. The same shunned press would call them out for it and say they were fake or even avoiding accountability. Palin, of course, was accused of being entirely unqualified in part to avoiding high pressure press exposure, a charge Ginger Gibson is also leveling against O’Donnell.

Well, Babs Boxer has joined the club. I’m not expecting a rash of stories calling her an unqualified fake, seeking to avoid accountability for her 28 failed years in DC, though.

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Babs Boxer: Desperate enough to encourage lawbreaking

On October 28, 2010, in General, by Neil Stevens

That’s where we are now in the California Senate race. Babs Boxer’s campaign made an organized, coordinated effort to reach out to schools, supplying teachers with information to disseminate out to students telling them how to volunteer for the Boxer campaign. That is not in dispute. Boxer’s campaign has admitted to it and apologized for it.

Of course, what they’re really sorry about is getting caught, and about Boxer having her toughest campaign of her entire career. That’s 28 miserably ineffective years in DC if you recall, voting the party line for the most radical elements of the leftist agenda. She’s so divisive she even started a fight about Ohio’s electoral votes in 2004.

This is one of the more competitive Senate races in the country, and it’s part of the key battleground of five marginal seats held by Democrats that we could pick up, along with Nevada, West Virginia, Illinois, and Washington. Consider helping Carly Fiorina’s moneybomb today to keep her on the air and keep her shifting the polls our way.

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Tech at Night

Good evening. I’m starting on tonight’s Tech at Night earlier than usual. That’s because I have much to cover. Sometimes a whole bunch of interesting stories just pop up all at once, and I don’t want to leave any out. So let’s hurry up and start.

For all the way the far left is flipping out over the Fox/Cablevision dispute – in which Cablevision refuses to pay for Fox’s content, and so Fox in turn threatens to take that content away – the FCC let the cat out of the bag by pointing out that Cablevision customers have four or even five alternatives, depending on where they live.

Competition protects the public better than government ever, ever could.

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The Fiorina surge is on

On October 15, 2010, in General, by Neil Stevens
Fiorina at the San Jose Chamber of Commerce

It’s no wonder that the Chamber of Commerce, feared by Barack Obama, is ready to spend another $1.25 million educating Americans about the dismal failure that Babs Boxer’s 28 years in DC have been. Since Carly Fiorina started her ad offensive and kept piling on, the polls have been moving.

The television barrage has come just at the right time. While a month ago it looked like Boxer was threatening to take a double digit lead and make the race far less competitive, the newest poll has it a virtual tie.

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Carly Fiorina has a moneybomb going

On October 13, 2010, in General, by Neil Stevens
Retire Boxer

One goal’s already been hit, but they’re raising the bar. Retire Boxer.

My latest projection has this a competitive race, right on the second tier roughly. She’s running ads on television statewide and she’s fighting hard. This is an expensive state and she could use the help. The NRSC is also putting money in, so we’re not alone in helping out.

Remember: national Democrats were so worried about this state that Barack Obama flew out here twice for two separate fundraisers for Boxer. This is a rare and special chance, and I’m excited.

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Five places to see before you retire, by Barbara Boxer

On September 24, 2010, in General, by Neil Stevens
Junket Guide

Barbara Boxer, having been in Congress for 28 years, is a clear expert on where to go, and what to see, on the taxpayer dime. Here’s a great new site showing her expertise as compiled in Boxer’s new book: Five Places to See Before You Retire: A Senator’s Junket List.

Also make sure to help her pick a retirement spot for when Carly Fiorina charges ahead and wins in November.

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Carly Fiorina blasts “Call me Senator” Boxer on television

On September 23, 2010, in General, by Neil Stevens

Here we go. Just when I started to think she needs to kick things up a notch, Carly Fiorina has taken to the air against Babs Boxer statewide. The ad is called “Sir,” and introduces all Californians to Ma’am’s incredible arrogance:

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It’s not us who should be afraid about California

On September 20, 2010, in General, by Neil Stevens
Carly Fiorina

Last month there was a real shift in the California Senate polling. After the primary Babs Boxer was terribly underperforming her past elections, but she was at least ahead consistently. But starting in August, Carly Fiorina started taking leads.

Some say that the new PPP poll is reason to worry, but I don’t. PPP is a generally honest, reliable pollster in my experience, but that doesn’t mean every poll the firm puts out is right. I don’t think this one is predictive, and I also think Boxer has problems of her own to worry about in the coming weeks.

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