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Look, 11,000 pages of regulations have been added under Barack Obama. Consider that the Federal Register only needed 71,000 pages total in 1975. These regulations are being added without transparency, as well.

This is too much, and he wants to grow government further with an executive order on Cybersecurity, which is rightly opposed by a group of Senators in the Wall Street Journal. Enough is enough.

This has gotten wide attention, but I have to mention it here. the White House pressured Google to censor Youtube and Google caved quickly. Obama says jump, they ask how high.

I like Iowahawk’s commentary on the matter: “Wikileaks hacking military servers=free speech. Guy posting stupid anti-Islam video on youtube=treason. Got it.”

Contrast with Twitter trying to fight a subpoena over evidence on Twitter relating to a crime. Ubergizmo’s commentary’s a bit silly. This isn’t about “ownership.” You don’t have to own anything to be compelled to turn over records you have of what someone else did.

Back to big government though, at least Republicans are trying. investigating an overbearing regulator in the FCC with respect to the LightSquared mess.

It also doesn’t hurt the spectrum situation to try to get government to stop hogging.

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