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Free Press is getting the heat. It’s been exposed through FOIA that the far left front group was secretly coordinating media strategy with people at the FCC, including Commissioner Michael Copps. So when Copps makes a statement about media regulation, Free Press’s pet issue, I have to assume they wrote it for him. Media Reform is their code for nationalization of the press, after all.

So now that they’re getting exposed, it’s almost not surprising that Free Press and their allies at the FCC are getting violent against conservatives and others exposing the truth about them.

Let me interrupt the Free Press update with some great news, though: Spain has made some arrests in connection with the Playstation Network attack I would love for every one of these antisocial online goons to get real jailtime.

And back to Free Press. Seton Motley calls out their disingenuous comments on Net Neutrality. They ask for the unreasonable, they get much of what they want, and then they pretend they lost and the right won because they didn’t get an entire nationalization of the media in America. They play the game, and we need to watch that.

Desperation mounts in the war against AT&T. The left now cannibalizes its own, as left-on-left violence targets those left-wing groups who have not come out in favor of big government intrusion into the AT&T/T-Mobile merger. Apparently NAACP, GLAAD, and the NEA have no problem with the merger, and that’s angering radicals. Not that the Sunlight Foundation is among those injecting itself into the debate, the next time someone tries to tell you I’m all wet and the group has no left-wing bias.

Note also that Politico carries water for the angry lefties by publishing this story, while failing to mention all the money spent by Sprint, wealthy foundations and others against this deal, and on other extremist causes.

More proof of desperation: Free Press is faking a scientific poll to gin up propaganda against the deal. This sort of tactic borders on astroturf.

You may have heard that AT&T lost at the FCC this week. It had nothing to do with wireless Internet. This is about voice calling and local telephone service. No worries.

Bad news down in Texas. Even as ATR has put out a letter urging Texas to strip the Amazon Tax, singling out Internet firms for special taxation, from SB 1 in the special session of the legislature, the House holds firm. Governor Perry already vetoed this garbage once. There’s something inappropriate about tacking it on as a rider to another bill immediately after that.

It’s sad when Texas is like California, the state whose Democrats refuse to cut fraud and waste and instead are pushing more taxes on us, including our own Amazon Tax.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again the criminalization of copyright goes too far. If a teenage boy on YouTube threatens you, your business model has more serious issues than that, folks.

Apple’s war on patent troll Lodsys has just escalated, intervening in Lodsys’s trolling and filing a counterclaim. Will Google do the same? for Android developers?

What we do seem to know though is that Google has apparently made peace with non-Neutral ISPs, since Google CEO Larry Page may be “open minded” about making special deals with France Telecom to get priority access to the ISP’s customers, if I read this Reuters report correctly.

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