Tech at Night

This is a really late Friday tech. Enjoy anyway.

There’s not a lot of government policy stuff going on right now in DC, thanks to the shutdown, but at least we’re spending money keeping the lights on all night at the FCC.

A cell of Anonymous anarchists tried to “pay back’ Hollywood for getting The Pirate Bay, but it is they who are paying the price. Ruining your life because you want to download free stuff on the Internet. Heh.

The fact is, it would be to our benefit to be able to listen in on Tor. Privacy is good, but anonymity is a tool of evil and of our enemies. Just ask yourself why there’s a push by traitor Ed Snowden and the Glenns Greenwald spy team to discredit Tor attacks. A good reason for them to do this is that they’re afraid and want us to get the government to stop trying.

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