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Can someone explain to me why the government feels the need to target a private company in the press? This reminds me of Russia. This isn’t justice, this is a vindictive Obama administration asserting power for the sake of power. They’re Marxists who wish to take down private industry because it is successful. If this were about mere antitrust, there would be no need to jockey in the press. But the surface allegations are mere pretext. That’s why they aren’t content to win. They have to attack and to destroy.

The FCC continues to be lawless as well, having rushed its prison phone power grab. But you won’t see any administration lawyers running to the press to condemn that.

So it turns out it wasn’t just Target that got its register systems broken into over the Christmas shopping season. Oh boy. Cue hysterical Democrat bleating to blame the victims some more, instead of standing up to the Anarchist wing of their own party, as was seen in the former Occupy “protests.”

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