Tech at Night: Net Neutrality will hurt the poor

On April 18, 2015, in General, by Neil Stevens
Tech at Night

Who benefits the most from competition and innovation in Internet services? The people who have the most need to save money: the poor. Further they more than anyone have the need to use the Internet to save money and to seek opportunity. They need cheap Internet.

And Net Neutrality will take it away from them.

It’s true though, T-Mobile is as non-Net Neutral a service as you can get, and that innovation was only growing. FCC may start taking it all away from us, which will mean more up front costs for all of us. All thanks to Obama’s plan to regulate the Internet.

More regulation. Less choice. More government. Less liberty.

I mean, Net Neutrality was argued for with lies and fraud all along, as firms like Netflix actively sought to mislead Americans about what ISPs are doing.

Important baby steps: Government is going to try to hog spectrum less, which is important to letting wireless Internet grow and expand to meet our ever increasing needs.

I really hate this reactionary opposition to CISA. The libertarian view of cybersecurity reminds me of the libertarian view of foreign policy: it calls for a neutered government too weak to defend American interests. When you hate NSA more than you hate Russian attackers, your priorities I question.

The EU is singling out Google for persecution but there’s nothing inherently wrong with Google favoring its own stuff. People do have choices after all.

I remain wary of comprehensive patent reform. When was the last time a comprehensive bill was any good?

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