Tech at Night: Verizon is right about unlimited data

On April 16, 2015, in General, by Neil Stevens
Tech at Night

Sorry, as much as the fat pigs online, the massively large data users, don’t want you to agree, Verizon is right about unlimited data being bad for most people. Most people are much better off paying less for a data cap they’ll never exceed.

You see, unlike the wealthy kids who are running Bittorrent and streaming mommy’s 4k Netflix all day instead of going to work, I actually commute with the common folk, and I see what they do with their phones most of the time. Very low data use. Email, texting, games, Facebook. Trying to get those people to pay for unlimited is just the high data users asking to be subsidized by the masses by forcing poor people onto expensive plans instead of narrowly tailored ones. That’s not right.

Of course, that’s what Net Neutrality’s all about: trying to prevent people from having to pay for what they use. That’s why the lawsuits coming over it are just and I hope FCC loses yet again.

Google’s awful in so many ways but EU bigots are always worse. They create their own ‘national champion’ firms then target Americans to keep their own provincial markets pure.

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