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Barack Obama’s FBI director, James Comey, was previously featured in this space for his declaration that he’s troubled, that Americans would be able to take proactive measures to encrypt their own data, in ways the FBI couldn’t read at will.

He tried to intimidate and bully Apple and Google into avoiding adding effective cryptography to iOS and Android. This is important because it’s only effective cryptography that would allow private citizens and corporations to protect themselves from spying by foreign governments and government-backed hackers.

So the Obama Democrats think it’s more important that government be able to read your data at will, than you be allowed to protect your data from being snooped on by terrorists, hackers, and foreign governments.

Amazingly there is exactly one Democrat willing to stand up to that in the Senate, as Ron Wyden is introducing a bill to fight this administration idea. Naturally it will go nowhere under Reid. It’s on Republicans to fix this.

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