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Started a new job officially this week, which means I personally have a new day to day schedule. This is going to be an adjustment. I’ll hopefully have a minimal disruption of Tech, but we’ll see at first.

Remember how Edward Snowden kept claiming that he was just protecting American privacy and exposing NSA overreach? That’s a lie. The fact is, Snowden is not reliable and it’s a shame NSA mistakenly trusted him.

Yet another Bitcoin site has shut down due to the rampant theft in the Bitcoin community.

The establishment of BitTorrent (an innovative an interesting technology) as a way of furthering copyright infringement was always based on the bet that copyright holders would not go after small-time, individual BitTorrent-using infringers. They bet wrong. Freeloader culture is under attack, and I welcome that.

Cable, Satellite, Retransmission Consent. Thorny issues facing the Congress and a bill relating to satellite that needs renewing, may drag all of those in. STELA could be a fight.

Electronic warfare is a tool our nation must have, which is one reason Snowden was wrong.

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