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More Net Neutrality! With the oral arguments having happened, people are chewing on what happened. Some are confident the FCC will lose, which is unsurprising since they’ve lost on this before. Hence this title, Net Neutrality Returns – As Farce.

We need an FCC that will stop just trying to take power and instead will adapt to rapidly-changing technology in a smart and humble way. From what I’m hearing, Michael O’Rielly is a good choice for that, though of course I have no high hopes for Tom Wheeler.

Though apparently it’s not just FCC that’s terrible about this stuff. SEC writes regulations it can’t even follow itself, Darrell Issa points out.

After all, it’s outdated FCC video regulations that caused the CBS-Time Warner blackout as well as many others. We need deregulation, not more new rules.

How many Democrats acting horrified about NSA overreach keep telling us we should be quiet about FCC overreach, though?

Even as Google and Microsoft have made reasonable requests to document in the aggregate what data they’re giving up to the government in secret through FISA, Facebook is asking to get specific in the way Google gets specific about Chinese government attacks on email accounts. I don’t see this flying, but it does highlight just how reasonable the Google and Microsoft request really is.

I don’t see how getting onto wireless networks without authorization isn’t anything but wiretapping, which is why Google’s WiSpy scandal was so bad. That’s what their Street View vans were doing!

Google is regularly bragging about taking steps to combat illegal enterprises. Their argument though is to go after the money, which means working through their ad programs, which apparently is why they won’t remove Pirate Bay from their index. I could go either way on it. They’ll remove people for aggressive artificial link programs, but not for being an entity devoted to mass copyright infringement illegal both in Sweden and the US?

Speaking of illegal, Kim Dotcom is apparently working on a new streaming service ‘Baboom’, but this time he’s actually intending to follow the law and pay people for it? I’ll believe it’s legal when I see it.

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