Tech at Night: Google, Daily Kos, Net Neutrality

On October 11, 2010, in General, by Neil Stevens
Tech at Night

The Chris Bowers pagerank scam using a linking scheme driven by recruited websites is still in the works, but Google has not delisted Daily Kos. Interesting bit of bias there, huh?

And all I need say about Net Neutrality this week, and the urgent need for legislation to stop the runaway FCC, was said by Seton Motley at the Washington Examiner.

The key, key point he makes, though I suggest reading the whole piece, which includes such great terms as “Media Marxist” to refer to Free Press:

But this isn’t accurate. As we have previously pointed out, the FCC reclassifying the Internet from Title I to Title II would place broadband companies under ALL the rules that apply to telephones – not just certain ones.

As has been repeatedly proffered, there is no such thing as Title 1.5.

What we are given to assuage us is Chairman Julius Genachowski’s promise to apply only certain Title II rules to the Internet, and to practice forbearance with the rest.

And if there’s one thing that the American people should have to rely upon for freedom, it’s a promise from a DC establishment figure. What its the value of a promise in Washington, and how many handfuls of promises would it take to buy a penny candy?

No, we need legislation, and even if Henry Waxman is announcing his new desire to shirk his duty to legislate, Republicans need to judo the Democrats by backing his old bill, loudly and publicly, as well as announcing the intent to push legislation hard next year to ban Title II Reclassification.

America’s waiting, and we’re counting on you.

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