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So a continuing look at the NetMundial meeting to argue why American stewardship of the Internet is bad. It got hijacked by the Net Neutrality folks and the anti-American folks (with NSA as the word the Orwellian sheep are bleating), which tells you all about the orientation of this movement. Fortunately our adversaries have all the efficiency of the UN: “There were so many welcome speeches, and they went so much over time, that we did not even begin the substantive work of the conference until 5:30pm.”

Even as Putin calls the Internet a CIA project, Obama wants to hand over the Internet to these guys? Insane. Of course, it’s insane that he’s trying again on Net Neturality, though amusingly some Democrats are complaining this third attempt compromises too much.

Bitcoiners continue to attack the Android community to generate Bitcoins illicitly.

I absolutely love hearing FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai talking about ‘picking winners and loser’s, because that’s what FCC is doing on spectrum. Ajit Pai is the man.

If this is true, heh. Big if though. If an anarchist informant aided in FBI activities, then I love it.

Amazingly, California rejected the Phone Kill Switch, while Obama’s people get it right, too. There is so much that can go wrong with a government phone kill switch.

Yes, our video broadcast law issues go beyond Aereo and into the greater retransmission consent world. This isn’t actually about copyright, as much as the broadcasters are claiming that, because the broadcasters themselves are overpaid, underworked middlemen.

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