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So the anti-American hate rally SXSW (in crony Democrat-run Austin) is on, though apparently some patriots haven’t gotten the message and keep going anyway. Edward Snowden stands in Russia ruled by authoritarian Vladimir Putin, and as Putin’s tanks roll into Ukraine followed by cyberwar against all who speak out against it, Snowden claims the NSA is the one attacking the Internet. I see he’s bucking for the job as the new RT America host.

And then they also let fugitive rapist (and co-conspirator with convicted spy Bradley Manning) Julian Assange speak, from his spot in the embassy of Ecuador, a country ruled for years by a leftist President and a regime conducting routine human rights violations. He made no apology for his rape, and promises more propaganda against America.

Bitcoin’s strength is its weakness. Because a government cannot intervene against a criminal who steals Bitcoins, a common enough crime, then Bitcoin land is anarchy. In anarchy there can be no liberty. Though it makes it hard for me to feel bad about Mt. Gox victims when, they’re fighting back with crime, making me wonder if some of the complainers are the swindlers now looking to double dip.

It’s really sad when leftists trying to rally up a Five Minutes’ hate merely expose their own pathetic ignorance. The attacks on Comcast are mind-blowingly stupid because they show a painful ignorance about how cable competition works. Hint: the only thing that actually matters is what a person can buy in any given market, and that’s controlled by state and locally governed franchise monopolies. It’s regulation that kills competition, not mergers, dummies. These idiots try to whip up fear which they hope will lead to greater government power, and they hope you’re as ignorant as they are.

Oh look, more foreigners attacking American property rights, continuing to give Bittorrent a bad name.

It’s good to see Marco Rubio talking about ICANN and the threat of global (read: dictators at the UN) Internet governance

I’ve said it for a while: if people actually cared about privacy, they’d make different choices.

The FTC v. Wyndam case may end up deciding that FTC made an illegal power grab. Gee, when have I written those words before about an Obama regulator?

Let’s hope that Bob Goodlatte handles the Sales Tax a lot better than Mike Enzi did.

I tend to agree with Steve Scalise that we need to include meaningful reforms in the satellite bill STELA instead of just passing a “clean” reauthorization. How about giving all TV services the flexibility to carry any out of market broadcaster they want, instead of having territorial monopolies?

Make sure to catch this post at RedState about the Sprint hypocrisy regarding T-Mobile that I predicted all along in the AT&T / T-Mobile merger fight.

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