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FCC Commissioner Mike O’Rielly makes a great point about how to approach FCC and Communications Act reform. Assume regulators will abuse it and write defensively.

Yet another Tor child pornography ring has been caught, so why exactly should I cry if Tor users are claiming Apple is ignoring problems? These guys are ignoring the critical problem of serious crimes on their network, after all.

WhatsApp, Internet messaging service popular with kids, is facing stupid Snowden-based propaganda against it having been bought by Facebook. Gee, and WhatsApp was founded by a Ukrainian. I wonder who could possibly have an anti-Ukrainian agenda and be pulling the strings here to spin NSA-Facebook-Whatsapp conspiracy theories. Could it be, hmm, I don’t know, PUTIN? After all, it’s going to be a long time before we grasp the damage Snowden did to us by turning traitor. And let’s be clear, the alleged releases he’s making now have no connection to his alleged motive of protecting Americans.

You know why all the Net Neutrality scare stories never happened? Because nobody would pay for Internet access that was intentionally crippled like that, not these days. Comcast knows it. Everyone knows it. The people telling stories have another agenda.

Funny how even as the anarchists and useful idiots parrot the Russian line on privacy and spying, they continue to celebrate other privacy abusers when they get charged with crimes.

Bitcoin exchanges continue to crash and burn. This is life in anarchy, folks. In the Bitcoin world there is no liberty, only slavery, because there are no property rights.

There’s a reason they want to use government to kill Aereo, and that’s the fact that innovation hurts established players.

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