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Imagine you have a neighbor, let’s call him Chet Glix. He comes over and offers a deal to you: When he’s out of town, you water his plants, feed his pet, mow his lawn, and get his mail. When you’re out of town, he’ll do the same for you. Sound fair? Not quite. He travels once a week, you travel once everyfew months. Yeah, that’s exactly the kind of unbalanced “peering” deal Netflix wants to force ISPs to make under the name of “Net Neutrality.” And that’s why we should reject Netflix calling fairness and paying for what you use a “tax”

What if we called Netflix’s fees an unfair tax and demanded they give us free movie peering in the name of Movie Neturality?

I’m sensing a definite left-lib bias in Google’s subsidies to activists. And make no mistake: groups like ALA are hard-left activist groups. Sure, TechFreedom puts out good stuff, but they’re more like an exception in that list. Oh and look, one of the other groups the y’re funding, Article 19 Mexico, is pushing an anti-American agenda in favor of UN control of the Internet via ICANN.

By the way, Francis Cianfrocca has covered this issue very well in recent episodes of Coffee and Markets.

Ajit Pai is a great FCC commissioner, but the left-wing bigots are already after him. They’re saying that “You can’t sit with us,” because they think his skin color and ancestry require to take an anti-liberty position on the issues. That’s racism, and I’m glad the Commissioner is standing up to the bigots.

With all the child pornographers, bullies, and ordinary criminals online, Bringing wi-fi into classrooms is nuts. We need to keep the Internet out of safe spaces for kids.

The new Occupy demand: Make Google Chairman Eric Schmidt the dictator of America.

Yet another massive Bitcoin theft as one group of criminals stole from another group of criminals. Meanwhile the The Mt. Gox thefts become all the more shady. With no government, there are no property rights in the Bitcoin economy. There is only anarchy, which leads to slavery. Every time.

It’s no wonder this Bitcoin promoter in Iceland refuses to reveal his name. I’m guessing he has something to hide.

MPAA wants to expand Internet firms’ legal responsibilities under the DMCA. I say that’s fine as long as we also expand copyright holders’ legal responsibilities under the same law. If we’re going to make take down notices lead to “take down and stay down,” then that just magnifies the problems of false takedown notices. Takedown notices must be made with an affirmative knowledge that the notice is correct, under penalty of perjury, so that abuses become a criminal matter. It’s only fair, right?

So a criminal stole Microsoft’s software to ‘leak’ illegally, including software being released to try to help mass copyright infringement. That user was using Microsoft Hotmail, and so Microsoft used that fact to search for and find information to catch the offender. the anarchists think we should be mad at Microsoft, not the criminals. Cry me a river, freeloader culture. Cry me a freaking river.

It turns out the government spend a lot of money ordering Microsoft and others to give up user data.

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