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Bitcoin is not really as widely used as its shills want you to think.

Ajit Pai is the man and understand what it means for the courts to be used to quash innovation. As the courts refused to crush the VCR, I want them to leave Aereo alone.

By the way, is still at risk. Good thing it’s a miserable failure, though that doesn’t help the poor souls already signed up and at risk in the vulnerable systems.

Democrats want to pass a new law mandating a private-public partnership to track where you and your phone are at all times, in the name of 911 calls. But remind me again how all the Snowden stuff is about privacy and not anti-Americanism and a rollback to 9/10/2001 thinking again. Sure, guys. Sure.

Speaking of Snowden, here’s a really good piece by Ben Domenech that reinforces this: the great Barack Obama response to Snowden is doing nothing to to protect American privacy, but will hinder American actions abroad. But, we knew this was all about weakening a nation, humbling America, and not privacy as soon as the Russian-bought Snowden was releasing information about nordic assistance to peek in on Russia. Yeah, a real whistleblower. Sure.

Heritage also makes the case for Snowden as traitor. Heritage was always solid, but it’s really been amazing under Jim DeMint. Cue the Paulites to talk about how horrible Heritage and Jim DeMint are.

Creative destruction is having in the marketplace! Quick, change the law in the name of ‘fairness’! Look, I know, reforming how sales tax operates is a good way to keep the states from having to radically change how they raise revenue, but the motives behind too many of the proponents of these new tax laws, simply aren’t pure. Which is why the rhetoric behind the sales tax ideas has been terrible and putting off conservatives. Honestly they need to hire people like me to make the case better, and tell Mike Enzi to talk about other things. Enzi I’m sure is great on most issues, but nothing I’ve seen him say on sales tax is going to do any good to win over guys like Ted Cruz or your typical RedState reader.

Notice how they’re always claiming that wired Internet is a monopoly? Funny, that.

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